Saturday, May 26, 2018

Has it been a million years since I put up a blog post? Funny how fast time starts to go. Anyhow, the kids both had their last days of school, and I took a picture to bookend with their first days of school.

Furthermore, I made a YouTube playlist of all of the Ammi Talks videos in case anyone needs a good pick-me-up. Actually, I put our whole life on YouTube because Vimeo changed their data allowances. Here's the link to the playlist, and you can find the rest of the videos on my channel. 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

It snowed! We played! Twice! First we just kicked around in the driveway snow, but after lunch we went next door and did some sledding on our neighbor's perfect sledding hill. Ammi asked to go out a third time after nap. I declined.

But first, I took, like two pictures on Christmas. Here they are:

The children were not especially interested in posing for a picture in front of the tree.

They were eager to get to the presents.

Joash got a Nerf Accustrike gun. It did not shoot his eye out.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Holiday Performance from serenity johnson on Vimeo.

Joash is second from the left.

(Disclaimer: I was holding Hetta while filming this from far away. She repeatedly tried to throw herself on the floor. I did the best that I could do.)

Saturday, December 09, 2017

We've had a hectic week. We went and cut down our Christmas tree last weekend, got it all decorated, tied up some loose ends around the house, and then Dan had foot surgery, and he's out of commission for the discernible future. He's being a real champ about it. We got him one of those wheelie knee scooters, and he even used it to get up off the couch today. Jean took the big kids for the weekend, and Hetta has been enjoying her alone time, crawling under Dan's foot rest, climbing onto the coffee table, stealing chips, breaking things. Today she even enjoyed her first memorable snow (I'm sure it snowed plenty in the months she lived in South Bend, but I don't think we took her out in it when she was so little).

Watching her tv program all by herself.

Sitting on the coffee table, making lunatic faces at me because 1 year old children are unmanageable lunatics.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Hetta is One

Well, she's 1+ by now, but we had to postpone her first cake tasting until Tuesday when she was already 1+4 days, so I wasn't in the retrospective headspace on her actual birthday. There's so much I could say about her as she naps high on my shoulder so my hands are free for typing (the soundness of her day sleep in great contrast to the quality of her sleep at night), but no word so succinct as the meaning of her name, "refuge from war." Even when the war is her own doing, she always offers the sweetest respite with the deepest snuggles, a tearful smile, a well-timed coo, a silly look. She has stolen even the stoniest of our hearts (for example: my brother who has used the following descriptors for my previous children: children of the corn, Vladimir Harkonnen). She regularly charms everyone in the preschool pickup line. She soothes the weariest Grandparent soul. And she is the last of the people on this planet who will love me the most, with totality. I love her so.

A year of this precious human face. She's come a long way from the induced but healthy 7 and a half pound baby who dropped to 5 pounds in a week, who got an anterior tongue tie clipped while her dad was out of town and her mom was feeling desperate (and maybe a bit swindled), who, for months, would only eat breastmilk through a plastic barrier (a bottle and a nipple shield), who didn't reach a growth curve for weight until her 2 month appointment (and, even then, at only 3%). From the dear newborn who cried a constant pitiful hungry cry (that was discernibly devoid of anger) to the cheeriest picture poser in the family. Happiest when I'm holding her, just as I'm happiest when I'm holding her.