Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving is a Nice Holiday.

I'm doing all this Thanksgiving blogging so promptly. It's pretty much the promptest blogging I've ever participated in. I'm sitting on the couch eating cake and lemon bars. I even ate a hot pocket earlier today. It is the eatingest holiday of all.

Speaking of eats. Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms in an old Garfield glass, I think from McDonald's in the 80s or some bygone decade.

On Wednesday, we drove my dad's Caddy up to Kissimmee to see Becca Reed. Bonus: seeing Liz Miller. Becca was so happy to see us. We watched Jim Gaffigan: King Baby with them. It was our second time seeing it since Saturday. Then Dan and I watched it again last night with my mom and my brother. It's like we're obsessed! I fell asleep during it last night, though.

My mom and I discussed eggnog making a month ago on the phone. Then she made it for me.

She has become an expert meringue maker. Basically she whipped up a meringue and mixed it into egg yolks and cream and stuff. Very tasty.

These are my brother, my cousin Heidi's daughter Willow, and my cousin Tanya's daughter Hannah. Jeff sat down in this chair and they all started attacking each other.

My aunt asked me why I don't post pictures of my brother online (and mother and father, but I do post them here, just not as many on Facebook). Maybe this is why? I have blurred out the offending gesture.

My mom and Willow's brother Banyan. His little belly.

Thanksgiving flowers.

Thanksgiving pigs in blankets. I took one of these highly coveted food items, and then I realized halfway through that I don't really like those lit'l wienies. I gave it to Dan.

This maybe makes him seem worse than he is if you find the flipped bird particularly offensive. He is not so bad. Maybe I shouldn't put this online? I can't discern.

My cousin Bryan's baby Evan. He is the second youngest member of our family right now. The youngest in attendance yesterday at least.

This happened again after dinner.

This is my dad. We're related.

Oh hey. How modelesque of you, Dan.

My mom did lots of hugging and spinning and general kid wrangling. She said she is feeling it today.

Frisbee fun!

I asked her what sound effect she was making. It was a whoosh.

Hannah looking like her mum.

Moss modeling. Very Floridian.

Proof that I was there.

My cousin Bryan.

Bryan's daughter Madison and my husband Dan.

Madison tossing some frisbees.

This is Dan's "I'm Awesome!" pose.


This is a dead frog. Dan and I collected him either on our way to or back from Kissimmee. It rained all day that day. We can't figure out how he wedged his leg up in the light. It was so, so gross.

My pops. Very menacing.

We played Clue. Dan won. I know you're shocked.

Sleepy daddy.

Madison helped with Clue for a bit.

Banyan. This kid is sweet. He makes me laugh.

I think he looks like the 70s.

My uncle has a helicopter. nbd.

Dan with a bunch of kids that aren't his. Doesn't it sort of look religious?

Hannah wanted me to take some so she could look. All these crazy digital kids.

My aunt Peggy and Bryan playing Password. We kept ourselves very entertained. For real, we played loads of games.

Receiving clues. The head on the right is my cousin Angie.

Tough word. I like how the deer head is presiding over everything.

My dad and me were sitting there all nice-like. Then Jeff sat on us. That's almost a full family foto.

And then he got up off us.

Playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero. They played both.

Bryan's wife Amber, Tanya's husband Sam, and Tanya during Rock Band/Guitar Hero. LoLs (loads of laffs).


I tried this and failed, but it was better than any of my Wii hula-hooping attempts, and it didn't dissolve into a fit of cursings.

I am basically a champion toy-archer. We did have a bow and arrow growing up, though, so...

Even still, sometimes champions cry when everything doesn't go their way.

Shooting the sky.

Banyan with bubbles.

Madison with bubbles.

He's not dancing, but I'd call it the twist. In real life he is falling on his diapered butt.

Evan sort of looking like a speech-giving politician.

Evan sort of looking mischievous.

Dan with Tanya's daughter Summer during Cranium, the last of our many Thanksgiving games.

It was boys+Amber vs. girls+babies. The boys+Amber won. In fact, they were in the final circle while our team was still stuck on the first brain. Boo.

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