Wednesday, July 05, 2017

The end of May and much of June was spent on near constant house renovation. My dad came to do all our big projects (siding, closet combining, front steps building). My brother came to get addicted to The Block. It was a busy and special time. We ate lots of Frisch's, lots of Izzy's, lots of ice cream. I unwittingly and owing to my characteristic impatient laziness turned half my clothes into paint clothes. Joash laid on my laid up brother and watched him play hours and hours of Zelda. Hetta giggled every time Grandpa came into the room. Ammi deigned to dole out a few stingy hugs. I finally got to watch the season finale of Fixer Upper. Big stuff, people. Big stuff.

And, now, July. Bonnie came for an overnight, and we forced her to play Russian Roulette with Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans (some of which are vomit flavored, some of which are cherry flavored), and now she'll never return. Yesterday we had Kenny and Korie and Baby Sam (with whom Ammi is free with her affection) over for a patriotic lunch, a kiddie pool splash, and some smokey fireworks. The kids but barely made it to the end of the day for smores and sparklers, and no one woke up from the cascade of fireworks that I peeked through the front blinds to watch. It was the kind of day that makes you extra thankful to have a place of your own. We were in and out of the house, up and down those stairs my dad put in, and I couldn't stop that urgent gratefulness that wells up from tender moments of actual satisfaction, not too much, not too little, exact enough. It's a good feeling.

Playing on Grandpa's truck.

Getting in their last snuggles.

With similar expressions.

One of them is more invested in this friendship. 


Before her big (and first) haircut. Goodbye, cascade of curls.

Hetta was just so happy the floor was finally dust-free, she rolled herself in a blanket and cooed at me.

Bonnie introducing the baby to the world of Harry Potter.

Joash was on fill up duty.

Splashing his mama. The nerve!

The kids picked out this splash ball instead of a regular sprinkler. It soaked the entire yard. It was amazing.

"Oh, that was when I was making it rain." Make it rain, kid.

Ammi getting her kicks in.

Sisters assessing the splash situation.

Our neighborhood Bambi family. One of these little ones had a scare yesterday. We heard voices outside after bedtime. A woman and her three dogs was in the back corner of our backyard crowded around one of the baby deer. Her dog had broken its choke collar to chase and attack it. Dan went and checked on him. He didn't seem especially well. I was glad to report to him this afternoon, though, that the siblings were back to their backyard grazing today.

Kiddie pool capers.

Ammi smartly positioned herself the chip keeper.

This picture included to indicate atmospheric conditions. The heat and humidity fogged up my lens.

Our smoke show. Sure smelled like a fart.

Joash ran with the smoke torch.

Kenny carried on the tradition with the second smoke stick.

And these are just two pictures from Ammi's day.

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